Centralized Research Hub at RGPV (ATU) under TEQIP-III

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya under TEQIP-III has established of a state-of-the-art Centralized Research Hub, a flagship centralised laboratory for providing a shared research facility to researchers, Post Graduate Students, Under Graduate and faculties of all affiliating institutions of RGPV. The objective of this Research Hub is to cope up with the vision/ policy of Government of India like Make in India, Skilled India, Start-up India & Scale up India, Self Reliant to inculcate innovation & promote employability. Centralised Research Hub at the University campus is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware’s, Design Software’s, instrumental facilities and supplemental resources for promoting extensive research in the following areas.

1. Centre for Research in Earthquake Engineering & Disaster Management (CREED)

CREED lab facilitates research in the field of earthquake engineering, structural vulnerability assessment and disaster mitigation. The facilities include advance knowledge resources and high performance instruments to disseminate testing capabilities for understanding structural behaviour and response to a wide range of seismic activities.

2. Centre for excellence in Alternative Automotive Fuels & Emission.

The lab imparts research & testing of Various Petrol & Diesel Engines with new alternate fuels and testing of emissions of engine to propose new alternate fuels. Lab includes four cylinder Petrol research Engine with ECU controls including Multi speed MPFI 1200cc automotive petrol engine with eddy current dynamometer and combustion measurement facility and Computer controlled variable compression ratio multi fuel engine.

3. Centralized Lab for research in Computer Science and Information Technology

• Lab is equipped with ANEKA software for Cloud Computing and hands-on experiments using cloud based lab technologies. Aneka is a platform and a framework for developing distributed applications on the Cloud.

• NETSIM Software for Networking to carry out research projects in the area of LTE, MANET,VANET,Wireless sensor network, cognitive radio network etc. NetSim is an end-to-end, full stack, packet level network simulator and emulator. It provides network engineers with a technology development environment for protocol modeling, network R&D and military communications.

4. Centralized Lab for research in Computer Science and Information Technology.

• Lab includes IoT for research on areas such as sensor data processing, network architecture and embedded intelligence

• IoT Lab is equipped with LoRaWAN, BLE Mote Kit, WLE Mote Kits & Sensors.

5. Centralized Research Lab for Material Testing.

Lab is equipped with Power X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) to analyze the structure of crystalline materials.

6. Centralized Lab for research in Electrical & Electronics.

• MATLAB (matrix laboratory) tool multi-paradigm numerical computing environment.

• Laboratory Virtual Instrument Graphical User Interface Engineering Software (LABVIEW).


• OPAL-RT PC/FPGA-based real-time simulators, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment and rapid control prototyping (RCP) systems.

• MATLAB Based/PSCAD- Simulink Based Real Time Simulator using CPU & FPGA Co-Simulation Technology for Plant & Controller Simulation

• Proteus modules to be used as simulation software leading to simulate components and capable of drawing the desired circuit.

7. Centralized Lab for research in Product Design & Analysis

• ANSYS Mechanical & CFD

• Computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application (CATIA)

• SolidWorks


8. Centralized Renewable Energy Research Centre (RERC)

Centre is equipped with Signal Analyzer (PV Kit), Solar Power Meter Analyzer and Data Logger, Transient Temperature Signal Analyzer, Geo Signal Analyzer and Data Logger (Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer), 15 GHz VNA Master Combination Analyzer with Vector Voltmeter, Photo Voltaic Signal Analyzer and Plotting Kit with Data Logger Unit for the research and development in the area of renewable energy.

9. Centralized Epigenetic & Cryopreservation Laboratory.

The lab has the facility of DNase RNase Free Water Purification System, Ice Flaking machine, Refrigerated Ultracentrifuge, Ultra Microbalance. The Cryopreservation equipments includes, -80º C Freezer with a capacity of 400-450 litres, LN2 Device 2000 Useful for preservation of viable animal and human cell lines for animal cell culture, stem cell technology and medical biotechnology.