Event Summary

SNoEvent TypeEvent TitleEvent VenueStart DateEnd DateTotal Registration
1 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)WASTE MANAGEMENT A STEP TOWARDS CLEAN GREEN INDIACorporate Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal18/10/201919/10/2019149
2 WorkshopsOne Day Workshop on EntrepreneurshipMahakal Institute of Technology, Ujjain18/10/201918/10/2019146
3 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Optimization Techniques and its Applications in EngineeringDepartment of Mathematics, LNCT Bhopal17/10/201918/10/2019218
4 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Python programming for real world applicationOjaswini Institute of Management Technology, Damoh16/10/201920/10/201990
5 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Business Intelligence and Big Data AnalyticsDepartment of CSE , SIRT Bhopal16/10/201918/10/2019135
6 Management Capacity Building ProgrammesManagement Capacity Building Programme for Principal/Directors and Senior Professors of RGPV Affiliated InstitutionsIndian Institute of Management, Indore15/10/201917/10/20190
7 Faculty Development ProgramSoft Computing Techniques for Real Time Applications in IndustriesPatel College of Science Technology, Ratibad Bhopal14/10/201918/10/201948
8 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Recent Trends in Internet of things IOTAcropolis Technical Campus Indore MP14/10/201916/10/2019176
9 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)CONCEPT OF GREEN BUILDING AND RATING SYSTEM IN INDIACivil AV Hall, SISTec Gandhi Nagar Bhopal14/10/201916/10/201997
10 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)RECENT TRENDS IN DATA SCIENCE AND BIG DATA A PRACTICAL APPROACHSeminar Hall, BIRT,Bhopal14/10/201915/10/2019136
11 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)DESIGN MANAGEMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING PROJECT THROUGH SOFTWARESDepartment of Civil Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal14/10/201918/10/201966
13 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Application of Machine Learning in Data ScienceDepartment of CSE, SIRT, Bhopal14/10/201916/10/201952
14 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)4th Generation Manufacturing Technologies with Innovative ApplicationsRadharaman Engineering College, Ratibad, Bhopal14/10/201918/10/2019207
15 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Applications of IOTOriental College of Technology, Bhopal12/10/201914/10/2019463
16 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Python programming for real world applicationInfinity Management Engineering College Sagar12/10/201916/10/2019207
17 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Machine Learning for BeginnersPatel College of Science amp Technology,Bhopal10/10/201911/10/2019339
18 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Arduino Programming with MATLAB/Simulink InterfacingLNCTE, Bhopal10/10/201912/10/201921
19 GATE Orientation ProgrammeGATE Training for 3rd and 4th Year Engineering StudentsNodal Centers Bhopal,Indore,Gwalior,Ujjain,Jabalpur05/10/201920/10/2019198
20 Teachers Training Programme (TTP)Communication SkillsSenate Hall, RGPV-Bhopal03/10/201904/10/201925
21 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Soft Computing Techniques In Electrical EngineeringCORPORATE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY, BHOPAL28/09/201929/09/2019152
22 WorkshopsEntrepreneurshipChameli Devi Group of Institutions Umrikheda Indore28/09/201928/09/201960
23 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Arduino Programming with MATLAB/Simulink InterfacingLNCTE, Bhopal26/09/201928/09/201959
24 WorkshopsEmployability SkillsConference Hall, Aditya College of Technology Science, Satna26/09/201928/09/2019146
25 WorkshopsEntrepreneurshipAuditorium , BMCT , Indore25/09/201925/09/2019193
26 WorkshopsOne Day Sign Language Awareness Program to Facilitate CommunicationConference Hall, RGPV, Bhopal25/09/201925/09/201940
27 WorkshopsEntrepreneurshipGNCSGI Auditorium24/09/201925/09/201954
28 Faculty Development ProgramApplication of Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques in EngineeringDepartment of Mathematics, LNCT Bhopal23/09/201927/09/201998
29 Faculty Development ProgramRole of Infrastructure Engineering in the Development of Indian EconomyRadharaman Engineering College, Ratibad Bhopal23/09/201927/09/201989
30 Faculty Development Program5 G MOBILE COMMUNICATIONLNCT SEMINAR HALL BHOPAL23/09/201927/09/201936
31 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Recent Trends in Mining and Mines SafetyAditya College of Technology and Science, Satna20/09/201921/09/201968
32 Faculty Development ProgramPedagogy for effective use of Mathematics in EngineeringInstitute of Engineering Science IPS Academy Indore16/09/201920/09/201955
33 WorkshopsEntrepreneurship DevelopmentRustamji Institute of Technology,BSF, Tekanpur, Gwalior M.P- 47500516/09/201918/09/2019228
34 WorkshopsEmployability Skills TrainingCIST Auditorium16/09/201917/09/2019288
35 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)CONSTRUCTION PLANNING MANAGEMENT SOFTWARESagar Institute of Science and Technology, Gandhi Nagar ,Bhopal16/09/201920/09/2019195
36 Faculty Development ProgramEmerging Engineering Materials in Industry The Engineering Composites PolymersAuditorium- Corporate Institute of Science Technology, Bhopal14/09/201915/09/201962
37 WorkshopsRecent advances in Power Electronics application to Power SystemIPS Academy, Institute of Engineering and Science,Indore13/09/201914/09/201974
38 WorkshopsEmployability Skills TrainingMahakal Insitute of Technology, Ujjain13/09/201914/09/2019159
39 WorkshopsEmployability SkillsRML Seminar hall, VSB, ITM Gwalior, sithouli campus12/09/201914/09/20191
41 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Imperative Techniques of Heat Transfer Enhancements and Their Engineering ApplicationsSagar Institute of Science Technology, Gandhinagar, Bhopal10/09/201914/09/2019276
42 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Block Chain Technology Decentrilize GovernanceHandsonIndore Institute of Science Technology,Indore09/09/201918/09/201961
43 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Structural Analysis using Advanced SoftwareTRUBA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING and Information Technology BHOPAL09/09/201913/09/201975
44 WorkshopsEmployability Skill TrainingIES College of Technology, Bhopal06/09/201907/09/2019178
45 WorkshopsEntrepreneurship DevelopmentSt. Aloysius Institute of Technology, Jabalpur05/09/201907/09/201999
46 WorkshopsON HVDC-High Voltage Direct CurrentRGPV, Bhopal31/08/201931/08/2019160
47 WorkshopsEmployability Skill TrainingSanghvi Institute of Management Science,Indore30/08/201930/08/2019117
48 SeminarsResearch avenues in Electrical Engineering and Research PublicationsRGPV28/08/201929/08/201910
49 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)ON DESIGN AND DRAFTING OF HEAT, VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMSSISTec-R, Bhopal26/08/201930/08/2019423
50 Faculty Development ProgramOn MODERN ASPECTS OF CALCULUS AND ANALYSIS IN ENGINEERINGLNCTS,Bhopal26/08/201930/08/201960
51 Workshopson NBA AccreditationTruba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal24/08/201924/08/201988
52 WorkshopsEmployability Skills TrainingSt. Aloysius Institute of Technology Jabalpur21/08/201922/08/201983
53 Faculty Development ProgramOn Super-Critical Ultra-Critical Thermal Power Plant Technology in Indian ScenarioSISTEC, Gandhi Nagar Bhopal21/08/201923/08/201981
54 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)ON Entrepreneurship Development Program For Women Under Equity Action PlanTRUBA Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal21/08/201922/08/201977
55 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)ON Water Conservation TechniquesSISTec-R, Bhopal20/08/201922/08/2019131
56 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)Internet of Things and Their ApplicationsMahakal Institute of Technology, Ujjain19/08/201923/08/2019158
57 Short Term Training Programmes (STTP)ON Network Administration and Shell Scripting using LinuxAuditorium, CIST, Hataikheda, Anand Nagar, Bhopal17/08/201918/08/2019126
58 WorkshopsOn Object Based Evaluation for NBA Accreditation ProgrammeLNCTE Bhopal10/08/201910/08/201933
59 Teachers Training Programme (TTP)One Week Industrial Training on ANEKA and NETSIM Tools and Their ApplicationsRGPV31/07/201904/08/201919
60 WorkshopsEntrepreneurship Development Programme for Women Under Equity Action PlanVNS Group of Institutions Faculty of Engineering Neelbud, Bhopal30/07/201931/07/201987
61 WorkshopsHarmony- a Gender discovery dialogue and prevention of Harassment at workplaceLNCT Group of Institutions Bhopal24/07/201924/07/2019971
62 Placement ActivitiesEmployability Test for 2nd and 3rd year of B.Tech Students onlyConcerned Institute24/07/201925/07/201914852
63 WorkshopsWorkshop on NBA accreditationAditya Group of Institutions Satna24/07/201902/08/201994
64 SeminarsXRD instrumentation and applicationRGPV Conference Hall23/07/201923/07/201985
65 WorkshopsHarmony- a Gender discovery dialogue and prevention of Harassment at workplaceRadharaman Institute of Technology and Science Bhopal23/07/201923/07/201963
66 GATE Orientation ProgrammeGATE Training for 3rd and 4th Year Engineering StudentsNodal Centers Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Gwalior23/07/201931/08/20191685
67 WorkshopsHarmony- a Gender discovery dialogue and prevention of Harassment at workplaceRGPV Conference Hall22/07/201922/07/201958
68 Faculty Development ProgramSoft ComputingMillennium Institute of Technology Science, Bhopal09/07/201916/07/201932
69 Faculty Development ProgramApplication of Soft Computing Techniques to Renewable Energy Systems - ASCTRES -19Sagar Institute of Science, Technology and Engineering - SISTec-E08/07/201910/07/201975
70 Faculty Development ProgramAdvance Surveying workshop using Total StationTruba Institute of Engineering Information of Technology, Bhopal24/06/201926/06/201945
71 WorkshopsOne Day workshop on Communication SkillsRGPV Conference Hall20/06/201920/06/201935
72 Faculty Development ProgramPotentials of Solar Energy for Rural ElectrificationMillennium Institute of Technology Science, Bhopal18/06/201922/06/201954
73 Faculty Development ProgramOne Week Faculty Development Program On Strength of MaterialsPrestige Institute of Engg. and Mgmt., Indore14/06/201918/06/20190
74 Faculty Development ProgramFACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM On CODING THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS Under TEQIP-IIIDept. of Electronics and Comm. Engg.UIT, RGPV13/06/201917/06/20195
75 Faculty Development ProgramOne Week Faculty Development Program on Fundamental of Electrical EngineeringVikrant Institute of Technology and Management, Indore10/06/201914/06/20190
76 WorkshopsTwo days Workshop on NBA Accreditation for the faculty of RGPV affiliated institutionsSagar Institute of Science and Technology SISTec10/06/201911/06/20190
77 Faculty Development ProgramOne Week Faculty Development Programme on Internet of Things and Big dataDept of Computer Sc. Engineering LNCT Excellence ,Bhopal03/06/201907/06/20191