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17 Feb 2020
10:00 AM

About Event,

This Training provide or upgrade the skill of python programming and facilitate the development skill of working in Python environment to the trainees because it is widely used general-purpose, fastest growing high-level programming language which supports multiple programming paradigms. Its used fo

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About Event

This event provide the short term training program to faculties and students for providing or upgrade the skill of python programming for that coordinator split this two days training program in six session , three session per day. In the first day Trainer Mr. Prateek Mishra, Technical speaker form TechSim Pvt. Ltd. start with delver the theory session followed by inaugural function. On the second day he will deliver the practical training session till evening and after this session event will conclude by the coordinator. Rest of the event conducted as per the annexure 1.

The Speakers

Mr. Prateek MishraTrainer MD Techsim Pvt Ltd.

Major Topic Covered

Python has the flexibility of combining codes from other programming languages like C. Python has in-build standard libraries Applications of Python programming course contents includes Web and internet applications Scientific and numeric computing Desktop GUIs Business applications 2D/3D Graphics Embedded programming Exploration and Visualization High Performance Parallel Computing

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