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NIRMAAN-2020 Electric Vehicle Startup Conclave EVSC


28 Jan 2020
10:00 AM

About Event,
NIRMAAN-2020 Electric Vehicle Startup Conclave EVSC

Technical - 1. Technical discussion with the expert on the startup prototype. 2. Reduction of greenhouse gases emission from transportation sector. 3. Reduction of weight of Electric Vehicle with reduction in parts battery size. 4. Efficiency improvement by a self-charging Electric Vehicle. Social

The Speakers

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Lifecycle of any Startup

About Event

This program is specifically designed in order to provide a special insight into a life cycle of any Startup right from the ideation stage. This program includes workshops, panel discussions, presentations on innovative case studies, startup case studies and policies, and business models by industry experts across the country. To review the pedagogy in Engineering Institutes, SISTec Gandhinagar invites you for Two Day Pedagogical Conclaves on Electrical Vehicle. This event aims to look into the activities of the quality startup ideas by leveraging this common platform of students and faculty for different institutions. This conclave will be designed to explore the student centric pedagogical aspect which promotes growth through innovation, application of technology, support economic development strategies for small business development, and encourage growth from within local economies, while also providing a mechanism for technology transfer. The conclave will have several brainstorming sessions to bring out the possible strategies for providing a more effective learning environment to students from their perspective.

The Speakers

1. Mr. Anuj Guglani, CEO, Word Auto Forum, 2. Dr. K. C. Vora Sr. Deputy Director, ARAI Academy

Major Topic Covered

1. Energy Conversion, Introduction to EVs and their types, 2. Components, Motors, Batteries, Electricity sources and Energy storage options, 3. Charging options, Plug-in Charging stations and battery management, 4. Government incentives, subsidies and promotions, 5. Current market, sustainability and future strategies of Electric Vehicles.

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